Leavitt & Peirce - since 1883
About Us
Fred LeavittWaldo Peirce
Leavitt & Peirce was founded in 1883 by Fred Leavitt and Waldo Peirce. Its main business was tobacco in all its forms. Our house blend, "Cake Box" got its name because it was blended at home by one of the aforementioned wives in a lange cake box tin. Leavitt & Peirce upstairs chess parlor This unique blend has perservered until the present. The store was quite "clubby" back in those days, and it has been said that "Freshman were not allowed." The store had a couple of billiard tables in the back, and was perceived by many (Puritans!) as a "den of sin." Tickets to Harvard football games were actually sold in the store.

Fast forward to the present, Leavitt & Peirce is still a gathering place of sorts, but it is quite a different mix. Professors mingle with street musicians, writers and poets rub elbows with rowers, women are unabasted, asking for full-bodied robustos. Welcome to the world of L & P!